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Dylan + Jeni: Seeing the World as Two

Seyine Park / October 2, 2015

Photography duo, Dylan + Jeni, are just about the coolest married couple ever. A mutual love and passion for food brought the two of them together (and brought us to them) one fateful day. Since then, they’ve created a delicious life nothing short of adventure for themselves. Today, Dylan and Jeni travel the world experiencing the unforgettable, meeting eclectic people, absorbing cultures, and consuming delectable foods, all while endlessly seeking a charming way to capture these fleeting moments.

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Tippling Club

Alexandra Paretta / October 2, 2015

For over five years, Tippling Club has remained at the top of Singapore’s restaurants. It’s no easy task to keep one restaurant on everyone’s lips year after year, but chef Ryan Clift’s confidence in experimenting with a unique mixture of ingredients keeps the restaurant thriving. Ryan Clift has spent more than half his life in the kitchen. After culinary

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An Ode to Veggies

Alexandra Paretta / October 1, 2015

We’re celebrating World Vegetarian Day by highlighting some of the world’s leading chefs and restaurants offering vegetarian cuisine. With an ever-growing population of vegetarians, the demand for meatless options at restaurant when dining out is at an all time high. See how innovative minds from around the world are transforming our plates, palates, and appreciation for the natural goodness that mother nature has to offer.

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Kei Kobayashi: Picasso in the Kitchen

Seyine Park / September 30, 2015

Most of us wish we knew – and fulfilled - our lifelong passions at the young age of fifteen. Fortunately for Kei Kobayashi, all it took was a television show starring the great French Michelin 3 starred chef, Alain Chapel, for him to realize his lifelong dream: to become a great chef in France. Michelin starred chef Kei Kobayashi joins elements of his Japanese culture with French heritage and techniques, and succeeds in creating incredible harmony. Take a moment and sit down with us, as the chef tells us how he strives to be like Picasso, shares his favorite spots in Paris, and reveals his personal tip for plating an art piece.

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Garden of Vegetables

Seyine Park / September 30, 2015

Perched in Paris, France, chef Kei Kobayashi’s Restaurant Kei offers a unique twist of elements from both Japanese culture and French heritage, creating a beautiful harmony both on the plate and for the palate. After working and learning beside many of the great French chefs – Alain Ducasse, Gilles Goujon…just to name a couple - over the years, chef Kei now holds a Michelin star to his own name, and is creating beautiful works of art for his patrons. Here, we have the recipe for the chef’s signature dish – “Garden of Vegetables.”

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Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015

Alexandra Paretta / September 25, 2015

As if Mexico City weren’t already robust with a lively culture and incredible food – the best chefs from all over Latin America gathered there this week for San Pellegrino’s Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony of 2015. From auctions, to conferences, to an elaborate feast to top it off – here’s the scoop on what happened in anticipation of the release of the list.

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