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La Maison du Cygne

TAOP Staff / December 29, 2014

Watch a mesh of eye popping and ear pleasing in this video featuring ingredients being transformed and constructed by chef Dimitri Strasser of the highly regarded Belgium-based restaurant La Maison du Cygne.

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Emotions You Can Eat with Massimo Bottura

TAOP Staff / December 15, 2014

One of the great powers of food is its ability to stir nostalgic feelings and memories. In this video, chef Massimo Bottura recounts an emotional memory of an old couple eating a compression of pasta and beans at his three Michelin starred restaurant Osteria Francescana. This intimate and genuine moment of storytelling is a must see.

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Chef Collaborations: L2O & Schloss Berg

Emily Elyse Miller / December 15, 2014

Contributing to this new wave of culinary collabs, master chefs are working together on a global scale to share ingredients, kitchens, knowledge and inspiration. We had the chance to chat with Matthew Kirkley of L2O restaurant about his plating style, his collaboration with Christian Bau of Schloss Berg from Germany, and plans for the future.

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Exploring Elements

Exploring Elements: Eggs

Emily Elyse Miller / November 25, 2014

All hail the egg, one of the most versatile and shape-shifting ingredients in the culinary world and beyond. In this latest edition of Exploring Elements, we’ve collected egg dishes that are cooked to perfection but challenge traditional preparation and enter the realm of culinary surrealism.

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Chef's Cut

The Art of Kaiseki with Niki Nakayama

Maria Nguyen / November 17, 2014

Here’s an intimate video of Niki Nakayama, one of the world’s only female kaiseki chefs, explaining what kaiseki is and what it means to her. The video features the n/naka chef-owner plating a selection of poetic dishes from her 13-course tasting menu.

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Chubo Knives

Handmade Chef’s Knife Giveaway

TAOP Staff / November 17, 2014

Right in time for the holidays — We’re giving away a Takeda Stainless Aogami Super Sasanoha Gyutou chef’s knife from Chubo Knives. This knife is carefully and painstakingly hand forged and tempered out of Blue Aogami carbon steel by 3rd generation master blacksmith Shosui Takeda from Okayama, Japan. Enter now, giveaway ends on 11/24/14.

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