Exploring Elements: Foie Gras

Emily Elyse Miller

The delicate, buttery taste of Foie Gras on your palate is tough to emulate. Though there is a slew of controversy surrounding the offal, it doesn’t stop chefs from incorporating the traditional French ingredient into their menus. When delicately prepared and plated as beautifully as the dishes we’ve sourced in this feature, we definitely won’t turn down a foie dish from time to time. Check out some of the most stunning foie dishes from master chefs across the globe in the first of our new series titled “Exploring Elements.”

The creativity of chefs using this versatile duck or goose liver spans far past your simple mousse or pâté. From an avocado foie dish by Paul Liebrant to Heston Blumenthal’s “meat fruit,” there’s no shortage of innovation surrounding this decadent ingredient.

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Denmark

Mielcke Hurtigkarl

Foie gras and mushroom by Mielcke Hurtigkarl. © Mielcke Hurtigkarl

Eleven Madison Park, NY

Francesco Tonelli

Foie gras terrine with green asparagus, miner’s lettuce, and black truffles by chef Daniel Humm. © Francesco Tonelli

The Fat Duck, Bray

Heston Blumenthal

Meat Fruit by chef Heston Blumenthal. © Historic Heston

Tippling Club, Singapore

Tippling Club

Foie gras glogg with crystallized cocoa nibs, spiced brioche, and freeze dried blood plum by chef Ryan Clift. © Tippling Club

The Elm, NY

Foie gras with Avocado by chef Paul Liebrandt. © MARCUS NILSSON

Foie gras with avocado by chef Paul Liebrandt. © Marcus Nilsson