3D Printing Your Dinner

Seyine Park

It’s common knowledge that 3D printing is already changing the face of the future in so many disciplines across the board like art, design, architecture, and more. But did you ever imagine that 3D printing had a place in the food industry?

In this video, Dutch designer Chloé Rutzerveld reveals “how 3D printing could transform the food industry,” by reducing the food production chain to nothing more than a simple cracker. In just a matter of days, this cracker transforms into a sphere of sprouting mushrooms – and this could just be the beginning. Though still many years away from hitting the market, 3D-printed meals could be a very new stepping stone into the future of sustainable food.

But it’s not just about its usefulness, it’s also about opening up a whole new world of presenting food. By merging this technology with cuisine, you “can experiment with new structures. So you can surprise the consumer with new food and things which haven’t been done before,” says Rutzerveld.

Check it out for yourself.