Maaemo – Chapter I

Emily Elyse Miller /

The process of finding ingredients to the final plate can seem like magic. Maaemo restaurant in Olso, Norway is the stage and chef Ebsen Holmboe Bang is the magician – transforming ingredients from the earth into the dazzling plates you see before you. It’s a rare thing when a creative’s process is reveled and this video shot by Tuukka Koski shows just a sliver of the transformation.

Director: Tuukka Koski
Music: Voice of Shadows by Satyricon
Music written by: Sigurd Wongraven
Maaemo remix by: Erik Ljunggren and Sigurd Wongraven
DOP: Kim Koponen
Camera assistant: Max Smeds
Editing: Mikko Savinainen
Colour Grading: Petri Falkenberg