TAOP Staff

To announce its’ relocation to the NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid, the three Michelin starred DiverXO releases this extremely bold and twisted short film directed by Marc Ortiz. The video, which eccentrically blurs the line between food and art, features chef David Muñoz and his team preparing and plating a selection of peculiar dishes for a bizarre group of guests. Watch now and be prepared to have your mind blown.

Directed by: Marc Ortiz
Production Company: Attic FIlms
Executive producer: Rafa Endeiza, Paco Gallego
Productor designer: Rober López
DoP: Rafa Reparaz
Costumer designer: Vivi Verdum
Music by: Luis Hernaiz
Sound designer: Laura Díez
Art director: Román Silgado
Edited by: Marc Ortiz
Casting by: Ana Lambarri
Visual Effects: Raúl Sanz, Ñaña González, NOH
Make Up: Milko González