Next Month: 18 Michelin Star Chefs Honor Joël Robuchon

TAOP Staff

This April, for the 3rd annual culinary event of “A Cuatro Manos,” 18 Michelin star chefs will come together to honor one of the fathers of international cuisine – French chef Joël Robuchon, who has 28 Michelin stars to his name – the most of any chef in the world. Here’s a glimpse into last year’s event, honoring Ferran Adrià, chef of one of the best restaurants in the world.

Organized by chef Dani García (Restaurante Dani García), “A Cuatro Manos” brings together the most important chefs of Spain and one celebrated international chef to Marbella each year, to celebrate the friendship, mentorship, and traditions chefs create together. Last year, they paid tribute to chef Ferran Adriá – one of the most revolutionary chefs in the world.

Here’s the breakdown of this year’s event.

April 18

“Robuchon Tribute”
In a single dinner, eighteen Michelin star chefs will pay homage to the guest of honor French chef Joël Robuchon by recreating Robuchon’s most celebrated and iconic dishes.

April 19

Three chefs from Andalucia, Dani García, along with Ángel León and Paco Morales, will cook a dinner to honor local products without modern cooking devices.

April 20

“A Cuatro Manos”
Chef Dani García will cook a collaboration dinner with chef Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park, NYC).

April 21

“A Cuatro Manos”
Chef Dani García will cook a collaboration dinner with Sebastian Frank (Horvath, Berlin).



Daniel Humm ***
Eleven Madison Park, NYC

Sebastian Frank **
Horváth, Berlin

Albert Adrià **
Pakta, Tickets, Enigma, and more, Barcelona

Quique Dacosta ***
Quique Dacosta, Alicante

Joan Roca ***
El Celler de Can Roca, Girona

Paco Pérez **
Miramar, Girona

Ángel León **
Aponiente, Cádiz

Ramón Freixa
Ramón Freixa, Madrid

Adoni Luis Aduriz **
Mugaritz, Errenteria

Paco Roncero **
La Terraza del Casino, Madrid

Francis Paniego **
El Portal de Echaurren, Ezcaray

Ricard Camarena *
Ricard Camarena, Valencia

Rodrigo de la Calle
El Invernadero Madrid

Toño Pérez **
Atrio, Cáceres

Marcos Morán *
Casa Gerardo, Asturias

Pacos Morales
Noor, Córdoba

Josean Alija *
Nerua, Bilbao

Dani García **
Restaurante Dani García, Marbella


Warm oyster with sabayon and caviar by chef Dani Garcia.

Warm oyster with sabayon and caviar by chef Dani Garcia.

UNA NOCHE COMO ESTA from Grupo Dani García on Vimeo.