Restaurant Frantzén – Winter Edition

Emily Elyse Miller

A recent trip to Stockholm has left us inspired and even more obsessed with Scandinavian cuisine. Keeping an eye on the Stockholm food scene is a wise decision. There are some of the most innovative chefs and mixologists in the world working in Sweden but it’s hard to deny that Frantzén is among the chosen few—and by that we mean number 23 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Björn Frantzén has an ability to speak through his ingredients and have fun challenging diners with his creations. At Frantzén you will try familiar ingredients in unrecognizable form and unfamiliar ingredients in the most comforting way.

Some of the dishes revealed in this winter tasting menu film include tartar of reindeer with crispy onions and grated reindeer penis; horse tataki with lichens and grated frozen liver; soup of fermented rye with soured milk and smoked bacon fat.

Don’t be surprised if you are inspired to book a flight to Stockholm. If that’s the case we’ve got a few more suggestions for you.