Simple to Spectacular: Ice Cream

TAOP Staff / August 9, 2017

Looking for an elegant but easy way to serve ice cream to your guests? We created a simple video with more detailed instructions to show you how to plate ice cream like a pro in 5 quick steps.

How To

Step 1. Add a crumble base to plate. Not only does this add texture and flavor, but it keeps the ice cream from sliding off the plate.

Step 2. Scoop some ice cream onto the bed of crumble.

Step 3. Press into the ice cream using the back side of spoon to make a bowl-like dip.

Step 4. Spoon in topping of choice into the center of ice cream.

Step 5. Finish plate with a garnish such as an edible flower.

Bonus Tip. Pre-freezing the plate will help the ice cream from melting quickly.


Elements We Used

Base – Chocolate Powder
Ice Cream – Strawberry
Topping – Candied Rhubarb
Edible Flower – Pink Star Flower


About Simple To Spectacular
Simple to Spectacular is a new video series where we show you how to plate everyday dishes in just a few quick steps.


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