Here’s an intimate video of Niki Nakayama, one of the world’s only female kaiseki chefs, explaining what kaiseki is and what it means to her. The video features the n/naka chef-owner plating a selection of poetic dishes from her 13-course tasting menu.

Featured Dishes
Zensai, seasonal ingredients presented as an appetizer with lobster shumai, grilled duck, calamari with blue crab, and hirame ceviche.

Saki Zuke, a pairing of something common and something unique with a lobster potato with cold corn soup, crème fraiche, and ikura.

Modern Zukuri, a modern interpretation of sashimi with Japanese scallop, bell pepper gellee, golden kiwi, and dill.

Otsukuri, traditional sashimi with Oh Toro, hirame, kampachi, nama toko, kumamoto oyster

Niku, a meat course with Japanese ishiyaki wagyu beef.


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