Plating Trends: Tuile Is Having A Moment

Maria Nguyen

Thanks to new technology and molds, Tuile has been getting a major upgrade in the form of lace, leaf, and nature inspired designs. Here’s a compilation of a few different shapes and ways to use tuile.

Tuile by chef Jimmi Eriksson

Potato Feather by chef Aitor Zabala

Banana Jersey Milk Cremeux, Kaluga Amber Caviar, Warm Butter Scotch by chef Buddha Lo of Huso, NYC

Coconut Eclair w/ Coconut Cream and Honey Tuile by Malina

Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, barley malt syrup, white chocolate, and black currant powder by Restaurant Brace © Photo by Kaitlin Orr

Lace Tuile by Julie Franceschini

Fermented Honey Flower with Pumpernickel, Yogurt, and Lemon by pastry chef Andre Sieber