Nomiku Giveaway

TAOP Staff / June 16, 2014

Nomiku Giveaway

We’re teaming up with Nomiku to give one lucky random winner a Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. Enter now for a chance to win! Giveaway ends on 06/22/2014.

What is Sous Vide?
Sous vide cooking is the process of vacuum-sealing food in plastic pouches and cooking it slowly in a temperature-controlled water bath.

Why Sous Vide?
Sous Vide allows you to cook food to an even doneness all the way through—.

“Nomiku is the first immersion circulator built specifically for the home cook. Born from one of the most successful food category Kickstarter campaigns ever, it harnesses the magic of sous vide and crafts restaurant perfect dishes in any kitchen.”

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