5 Chefs Who Master The Art Of Plating in Los Angeles

Seyine Park

Where in your city can you find beautiful plating? This is the first installment of our newest series featuring chefs and restaurants by city who are mastering #TheArtOfPlating. Get your cameras ready. First up – the City of Angels.


Michael Cimarusti

Providence >

At his highly acclaimed restaurant Providence, Michael Cimarusti offers elegant seafood-focused cuisine and has earned multiple James Beard Award nominations and two highly coveted Michelin stars.

Abalone, geoduck, sea urchin, smoked crème fraîche panna cotta by Michael Cimarusti. Photo Courtesy of Providence.


Niki Nakayama

N/Naka >

Though N/Naka serves Japanese cuisine, it is not as most would know it. Chef Niki Nakayama serves her own modern approach to kaiseki – a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner – and does so with the utmost perfection.

Photo Courtesy of N/Naka.


Josiah Citrin

Mélisse >

If you’re looking for classic French fine dining in Los Angeles, look no further than Melisse – one of the few traditional fine dining establishments remaining in the city. Chef Josiah Citrin offers a refined menu changing with the season’s harvest that is executed to perfection.

Wild king salmon by Josiah Citrin. Photo Courtesy of Mélisse.


Craig Thornton

Wolvesmouth at the Wolvesden >

First of all, Wolvesmouth is not a restaurant – it’s a dinner party. And secondly, it’s one of the toughest dinner reservations to get in town. If you’re lucky enough to make the cut, you’ll experience a fully immersive multi-course tasting menu from chef Craig Thornton that is truly art on a plate.

Halibut, candied lemon gelée, snap pea risotto, grilled zucchini, smoked branzino salad, tarragon oil, and tarragon chicharron by Craig Thornton. Photo Courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Photo by Myles Pettengill.


Curtis Stone

Maude >

The first solo restaurant of Curtis Stone, Maude restaurant in Beverly Hills pays homage to his grandmother – his first culinary mentor. It offers a set ten course tasting menu centered around one seasonal ingredient each month.

Photo Courtesy of Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times.


Who else masters #TheArtOfPlating in Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments below.