5 Melbourne Artisans You Must Know

Alexandra Paretta

Some are known worldwide, while others are still building their following. Regardless of where they are on their career path, these artists and designers have produced the kind of work that is worth starting a collection of. For the first time, we are thrilled to highlight some of our favorite artisans – first stop, Melbourne!

Have you ever come across a dish, a piece of furniture, or a decorative object and thought – who made this? That’s how we found ourselves chasing after these artisans and designers. Things like plates and lighting are just a few pieces to the grand puzzle of designing places like restaurants and hotels, but it’s about time we celebrate the artists who contribute to setting the ambiance of a room. Here’s our list of our favorite Melbourne-based artisans whose work we’ve had the pleasure to discover.

Tracy Muirhead

Her style is as unique as each of her pieces. Tracy Muirhead has a way of working with clay that gives the finished product a sense that it was been worked with oh so gently and with care. Many of her items resemble broken egg shells, yet each one has strength in their aberrations. This kind of versatility is why her work is sought after by fine dining restaurants, interior designers, and art collectors alike.

Products: Ceramic bowls and plates
Website: http://www.potier.com.au/Categories/Artists/Tracy-Muirhead


Anthony Raymond & Gregory Bonasera

Porcelain Bear

Designers all over the world can’t get enough of Porcelain Bear. From their I-O-N pendant lighting to their sleek gold figurines, these two designers have created a line of products that are cleverly bold, but not too loud. Raymond and Bonasera’s style is where industrial meets computer aided design.

Products: Porcelain light fixtures, decorative pieces, and furniture
Website: http://www.porcelainbear.com
Instagram: @porcelainbear

I-O-N pendant lights designed & hand made by Porcelain Bear in Collingwood Victoria.

A photo posted by Porcelain Bear Australia (@porcelainbear) on


Sophie Harle

Shiko Pottery One thing we love about handmade ceramic table settings is how they can be uniform and individualistic at the same. When Sophie Harle creates her bowls and plates, this is what her work evokes. There is balance in Shiko pottery where simplicity, functionality, softness, and hardness are spun together with a touch of Japanese aesthetic.

Products: Ceramic bowls and plates
Website: http://www.shiko.bigcartel.com
Instagram: @shikopottery    

Working out a dinner set for a lovely and super patient client/friend. A photo posted by Sophie Harle (@shikopottery) on



Ceren Newman

El Lobo

A mind that can see use in just about every resource they come across is the kind of person we admire. Not only does Ceren Newman see purpose, but she makes it happen. Her handmade tables, chairs, and funky furniture pieces truly have the heart of Australia inside – the materials she uses are collected from historical buildings and landmarks from all over the continent. Because she uses food-grade oils to coat each product, there is a smooth finish that is near perfection, yet organic to the touch.

Products: Up-cycled wood, steel, and glass furniture and decorative objects
Website: http://www.ellobo.net
Instagram: @ellobohome



Rachael Swift

The Block Shop

Fun, quirky, and practical, Rachael Swift’s rock sculptures are essential to styling a room. Many of her collectables are designed to have a tea light placed or small plant potted inside. From so many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, these decorative sculptures can find their way into every part of your home, office, or business, and make the perfect gift. And did we mention each piece is made from 30 million year old limestone? That’s enough for us to ogle over.

Products: Hand sculpted rock decor
Website: http://www.rachaelswiftdesign.com.au
Instagram: @rachael_swift_design