5 Things We Love This Week: Chocolate, Tiles, and Whiskey Glasses

TAOP Staff

This week’s list of favorites from chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park, photographer Evan Sung, and more!


Teaspoon Living

Reichmuth von Reding chocolate. © Teaspoon Living


Web: https://www.rvrtee.ch/

“Simply put, this is my favorite chocolate in the world. The care that goes into every bar of chocolate here, the design of the packaging, and of course the flavors – it’s as close to perfect as I’ve ever had.”

Daniel Humm
Chef/Co-Owner, Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad
Eleven Madison Park | NoMad | Instagram


Evan Sung

Tiles in Lisbon. © Evan Sung

2.   Azulejo (Tiles)

Where: Lisbon

Tiles everywhere in Lisbon! It’s just amazing to see all the varieties and colors that cover the building everywhere and make walking down any random street in Lisbon a treat for the eyes. There’s even a museum dedicated entirely to the history of tiles, and it gives you an even deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.

Evan Sung
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Marie-Danielle Smith

The lakes in Christiania, Copenhagen. © Marie-Danielle Smith

3. The Lakes in Christiania

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

It is an oasis in the middle of the city. One minute you can be walking down a busy street, and within 10 minutes you can be sitting next to the water in the forest. [During the winter] it’s so beautiful, because all the trees are skeletons ad the air is so crisp. It really feels like you are in Scandinavia.

Matt Orlando
Head Chef/Owner, Amass
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Dylan + Jeni

Depictions of Onsen Culture. © Dylan + Jeni

4. ONSEN CULTURE (温泉, Japanese Natural Hot Springs)

Where: Onsen, Japan

Although we have crazy wanderlust and always want to travel to new places, you’ll still find us returning to Japan every year for some onsen time. Japan has become a place for us to reset physically and mentally, and we particularly yearn for the moment we can submerge ourselves in one of the 3,000 natural hot springs that exist. Onsen can be found everywhere in Japan, but we love heading to the mountains and remote parts of the country for the most serene onsen experiences. Our favorites are rotenburo (outdoor onsens) especially on a cold winter day. There’s nothing like sitting in a hot spring by a local river with snow covered trees – maybe even the occasional red-faced Japanese macaque nearby. Much of our destinations in Japan are based on whether or not there is an onsen nearby. Not only are hot springs incredibly relaxing, contact with various types of hot springs are known to be beneficial for health and curing ailments. Some of the best Onsen experiences we’ve had have been staying in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) along with kaiseki meals served in our rooms.

Dylan + Jeni
Photography Duo
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Schott Zwiesel old-fashioned glasses. © Williams-Sonoma


Web: bit.ly/1RypsEc

“I love buying things that are unique. When I was in Italy, eating at I Pupi, in Bagheria, they had these old-fashioned whiskey glasses that they used for water. That inspired me to find some for my own home.”

Maria Nguyen
Editor in Chief, The Art of Plating