5 Things We Love This Week: Espresso Bars, Salt, and a Castle

Seyine Park

Bringing together only the best, here’s another list of favorites including some of our favorite chefs, Matt Orlando of Amass, Copenhagen, and Matt Lambert of The Musket Room, NYC.

Here’s this week’s list!


Kennet Havgaard

Dragsholm Slot, Lammefjord, Denmark. © Kennet Havgaard 


Where: Lammefjord, Denmark

Dragsholm Slot is a castle from the 12th century that has now been restored to a beautiful hotel. My friend, Claus, is the head chef there. It is one of the best meals I have ever had in Denmark. Claus’ food truly fits the setting, and – to top it all off – the hotel is supposedly haunted. I have had some questionable experiences staying overnight in the castle…”

Matt Orlando
Head Chef/Owner, Amass
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Robert Clark, National Geographic

Maras, Peru. © Robert Clark, National Geographic


Where: Maras, Cusco, Peru

“This is a very unique salt I bring to Central from Cusco. The salt mines are found in Maras – an ancient and beautiful place.”

Virgilio Martinez
Head Chef/Owner, Central
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© Ika

3.   The Ika Homogenizer

Link: http://www.ika.com/Products-Lab-Eq/Dispersers-Homogenizer-cph-177/

“It’s a new tool for me. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with one before. So now we have learned a few new techniques, and we are able to produce things we’ve never done before – in particular, it’s taken the sauce game to the next level!”

Matt Lambert
Head Chef/Owner, The Musket Room
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The Art of Plating

Espresso bar in Modena, Italy. © The Art of Plating

4. Stand-Up Espresso Bars

Where: Italy

I just spent a few weeks in Italy, and I loved the standing espresso bars there. The concept of walking through the city, stopping in for a quick espresso, and being in and out within two minutes is just enchanting. They’re on every street, every corner. Even the little hole in the walls serve the best coffee. Not to mention – it’s so cheap! 3 Macchiatos and 1 Croissant cost me a whopping $3.25.

Maria Nguyen
Editor in Chief, The Art of Plating


The Art of Plating

Mercato Albinelli, Modena, Italy. © The Art of Plating


Where: Modena, Italy

A historical market sitting within the colorful streets of Modena, Mercato Albinelli is truly a gem with some of the freshest produce I’ve encountered. The bread, the Parmigiano-Reggiano, the tortellini, the balsamic vinegar – all are cared for and presented like an art. But what struck me most were the individually perfect fruits and vegetables all so plump and juicy. And the colors – true oranges, vibrant reds, and brilliant greens everywhere. You can tell that each one was well-cared for, each one mattered, and each one was happy.”

Seyine Park
Editor, The Art of Plating