5 Things We Love This Week: Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Seyine Park

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Check out this week’s installment of 5 Things We Love! With the holidays just around the corner, scrambling for last-minute presents are the norm. We’ve brought together the minds of our staff and some of our favorite tastemakers to compile this sweet, simple, and versatile list of thoughtful gift ideas for those you love – or even to just treat yourself. Enjoy!



Blueberry Rhubarb Jam from Sqirl. © Sqirl


Where: Sqirl | 720 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Link: http://sqirlla.com/

“I love a good, well-balanced jam that’s not too sweet and tart. This one from Sqirl – an LA jam purveyor known for creating the most unique flavored jams – has been a favorite staple of mine for the last few months. I’ve found so many ways to use it like on my typical morning toast – crostini with foie gras (just to die for!) – or scones w/ Devonshire cream.”

Maria Nguyen
Editor-in-Chief, The Art of Plating


Word. Notebooks

The Adventure Log by Word. Notebooks and Bardley Mountain. © Word. Notebooks


Where: Word. Notebooks
Link: http://www.wordnotebooks.com/products/the-adventure-log
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wordnotebooks/

I am a complete sucker for all things stationery – pens, markers, notebooks, craft paper…anything. In a world where Instagram is the new photo album and text messages are the new letters, I fight for the tangible things we hold and create with our hands – especially when it comes to words. Word. Notebooks’ Adventure Log was love at first sight. I have one in my car and in my purse all the time. It’s simple, compact, and perfectly organized to document your thoughts and memories as you go on whatever an adventure means to you. Maybe it’s a concert, a beautiful country, or – better yet – a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try (They also have a version called Tasting Notes!).

Seyine Park
Editorial Assistant, The Art of Plating


Dylan + Jeni

Porter Bag. © Dylan + Jeni


Where: Japan
Link: http://www.mrporter.com/mens/designers/porter_yoshida_and_co

“Japanese cult-bag manufacturer, Porter, makes beautiful, light-weight bags that are tough and spacious enough to carry inserts for holding lenses. The compartments and detail of each bag are well thought out, and our nylon Tanker bags hold up on long days of traveling. When it comes to shooting travel photography, it’s important we feel comfortable and not stand out too much.

The photography you capture depends largely on how you approach your subjects and whether or not you’re able to build a relationship within seconds. We prefer not to walk around with a lot of camera gear around our necks, as it may intimidate people. Instead we like to carry our gear in non-descript bags that help blend you in more with crowds and don’t advertise your camera equipment.”

Dylan + Jeni
Photography Duo
Web | Instagram

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Big Green Egg Eindhoven

The Big Green Egg. © Big Green Egg Eindhoven


Link: http://www.biggreenegg.com/ 

“We got a BGE so we could expand on flavors and techniques. Having a small kitchen with limited oven space is an issue for us, and there are only so many flavors you can create using a pan. Now we are able to hot/cold smoke perfectly, grill things using wood or coal, roast in embers, and also – the latest and greatest technique I’ve been trying – is to simulate cooking in a Hangi using the earth from our own garden! There’s nothing really more Kiwi (or Australasian, I guess) than cooking with real fire in the outdoors. It’s primal, it has amazing flavor, and it really gives you a happy buzz coking with fire (and perhaps with a beer?). It can also be challenging, as there are random variable – as you have less control over the fire. Our family meals have also been next level since we got it! ”

Matt Lambert
Chef, The Musket Room

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Junmai Sake from Terada Honke.

Junmai Sake from Terada Honke.


Link: http://www.teradahonke.co.jp/english.htm 

“This small 10th generation family-run brewery crafts sake in a super traditional method called kimoto using organic rice, natural fermentation, and no additivies. They distribute a small amount to Europe, but otherwise look for it when you’re in Japan.”

Jeremy Chubo
Founder, Chubo Knives

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