A Platter of 9 Delicacies by Chef Jungsik Yim

Seyine Park

Straight from the only kitchen in South Korea to have michelin stars to its name, is chef Jung Sik Yim’s modern twist on a traditional dish known as Gujeolpan, a dish served to Korean royalty during the 15th century. While keeping the traditional presentation the same, chef Jung Sik Yim incorporates modern but well-known Korean flavors to make the dish his own.

Check out the recipe now:


50g yellowtail
2g perilla leaves
12g Camembert cheese
14g white kimchi
13g avocado
8g kumquat
8g Chinese yam
1g radish
13g dried seaweed
2g guacamole
Yellowtail: Dice the yellowtail into 1.5cm x 1.5cm squares.
Perilla Leaves: After washing and removing moisture, shred finely.
White kimchi: Cut into thin slices.
Camembert cheese: Remove the surface of the cheese and dice into 0.8cm x 0.8cm squares.
Avocado: Dice into 1cm x 1cm squares.
Chinese yam: Cut into 5cm lengths.
Radish: Grate finely.
Dried, salted seaweed: After soaking the seaweed in a glutinous rice paste, fry and remove the excess oil.

Red Chili Pepper Sauce

10g Milim (Korean cooking spirit, made with Korean liquor and glutinous rice)
180g red pepper paste
50g vinegar
70g sugar
10g garlic
15g honey
20g ginger juice
Place all ingredients into a blender and mix well.

Soybean Paste Purée

500g soybean paste
25g Milim
60g ground garlic
170g Perilla oil
4-5ea Chungyang red papper
Place soybean paste, Milim, ground garlic, Perilla oil, and Chungyang red peppers in a mixer and blend thoroughly.
Sieve to create a fine purée.

Soybean Sauce

240g soybean paste purée
40g lemon juice
160g egg yolk
12g gelatin
400g fresh cream
Whip the fresh cream until approximately 70% fully whipped. Then place in refrigerator for 10 minutes.
Soak gelatin in ice water and remove excess water.
Place egg yolk, soybean purée, lemon juice, and gelatin into a bowl and mix well.
Mix with chilled whipped cream.


To Plate

Serve in a nine-sectioned round dish, making sure to separate similarly colored foods. Place the avocado on top of the guacamole. Place the yellowtail in the center and drizzle with lemon dressing. Immediately before serving, sprinkle finely grated, dried seaweed on the yellowtail.



Gujeolpan | A Platter of Nine Delicacies by chef Jung Sik Yim of Jungsik. © Jungsik