Cod, Zucchini, and Grains by Matt Lambert

TAOP Staff

Another dish from his collaboration with Diego Muñoz, here is chef Matt Lambert of The Musket Room, NYC’s recipe for Cod, Zucchini, and Grains.

Soubise Sauce

12 large yellow onions
2 bottles Verius Blanc
2 Gt cream
¼ lb butter
Salt to taste
Slice onions as thin as possible.
In a large rondo, add ¼ lb butter and begin to sweat onions.
Once they become translucent, deglace with Verius.
Cook on top of rack and cook down until they become dry.
Once cooked, weight the total cooked produc and add 0.001% xanthum.


140 g portion of cod
Cook in soubise sauce for 12 minutes until tender, at 80ºC

Pickled Squash

3 ea yellow squash
100 g Chardonnay vinegar
Slice squash as thin as possible with a mandolin.
Compress in cryovac bag with vinegar and salt.

Puffed Farro Berries

1 qt wheat berries
4 qt water
Combine the ingredients and bring to a boil. Cook until tender.
Strain and dehydrate until completely dry.
In a small pot of oil, bring it up to 230°C (446ºF) and fry, being careful not to overfry it, as it burns quickly.

Crisp Rice

100 g basmati rice
300 g water
Cook rice until it forms a paste.
Purée the rice and with gun sauce gun top size rounds and dehydrate overnight.
Fry at 218ºC (424.4ºF); Once puffed, take out immediately (chips will turn yellow/brown).



Signe Birck

Cod, zucchini and grains by Matt Lambert of The Musket Room, NYC. © Signe Birck