Ushering in the spring season and kickstarting our Monochromatic event series, The Art of Plating hosted a visual feast of green in collaboration with Trends On Trends, executive chef Bryce Shuman, and general manager Eamon Rockey of Betony in NYC. The beautiful luncheon, comprised of five delightfully green dishes and cocktails, brought together culinary professionals and amateurs alike in an interactive space. As they dined together in great company, we invited them to practice #TheArtOfPlating as they cut edible greens to garnish their very own dishes.

And now for your viewing pleasure, the delightfully green menu (captured by Issy Croker):

Issy Croker

Favas, sesame, and herbs by chef Bryce Shuman. © Issy Croker.

Issy Croker

Hamachi, spring onion, and lime pickle by chef Bryce Shuman. © Issy Croker.

For the third course, chef Bryce had us plucking flowers and snipping pea tendrils to garnish the next dish ourselves.

Issy Croker

Pea Tendrils. © Issy Croker.

Issy Croker

Peas, cheddar, and smoked consommé by chef Bryce Shuman. © Issy Croker.

Issy Croker

Poached chicken, asparagus, and goddess dressing by chef Bryce Shuman. © Issy Croker.

Issy Croker

Pandan, pistachio, and sorrel by chef Bryce Shuman. © Issy Croker.

In addition to the five-course menu, Eamon Rockey personally crafted refreshing green cocktail pairings — giving us a glimpse into Betony’s incredible mixology program.

Issy Croker

Pandan cocktail by Eamon Rockey. © Issy Croker.

Nothing could have topped off the event better than chef Bryce snapping photos of hosts and attendees together with black and white film — a playful hobby of his that has gained much attention and delight. “It’s just good fun and a nice way to document the process. I am always trying to incorporate the polaroids into the experience because it is another expression of creativity for me, and could be something cool to share with the guest to heighten their experience and fun,” he’s stated in an interview.

Issy Croker

Chef Bryce with his Polaroid. © Issy Croker.

Stay tuned for our next event!

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