Mother Said “Don’t Play with Your Food”

Amanda Hall

Art has no boundaries. Whatever medium you select and whatever canvas you choose, the possibilities are endless. We know our mothers told us to never play with our food, but just look how artist Giulia Bernardelli beautifully brings fairytales to life with her morning cup of coffee.

We’re inspired by the way Giulia Bernardelli magically transforms coffee stains into beautiful imagery, showcasing art that isn’t limited to a mere paintbrush or a pencil. Thanks to Giulia, you can now find the routine A.M. pick-me-up (usually restricted to the confines of a mug) on paper – the last place you would expect to enjoy your Cup of Joe.

Giulia’s delicate work is proof that art can be created with and on any kind of unique platform. People often ignore ingredients and dishes as tools for art, yet if you take a look what all of these talented chefs are doing, it is surely art without a doubt.

Giulia Bernardelli

Alice and Wonderland by Giulia Bernardelli.

Giulia Bernardelli

Peter Pan by Giulia Bernardelli.