Plating Tips: Andoni Luis Aduriz

TAOP Staff

Widely considered the protégé of culinary pioneer Ferran Adriá, chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of two Michelin starred restaurant Mugaritz shares his plating tips.

“Respect the product. Support the product or ingredient delicately and gently. Let the product be accompanied by a natural gesture.

Accompany the different nuances, spices, herbs, flowers and textures that modify the dish in a way that is not in order – but, rather, random. At Mugaritz, the art of plating has evolved with the dishes we have created. We use very little elements when necessary. We believe that the way we dress a dish is not compromised of elements that are solely plated, but – more importantly – are elements that that act as support and accompaniment.”

Andoni Luis Aduriz
Chef/Owner of Mugaritz
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