Plating Tips: Virgilio Martinez

TAOP Staff

Chef Virgilio Martinez of restaurant Central in Lima, Peru, is dedicated to showcasing the incredible diversity of Peru’s landscape and altitude. Here’s how he searches for the essence of Peruvian cuisine and brings it back to the table. 

“When I think of plating, I like to go back and see my notes from the last trip. I have to try to get connected to the place where I was, since I want to communicate what happened in the ecosystem. In the plating, we have to see this nature, the landscape – but not in a cliché way. We have to see the energy. Also, the ingredients of the place taking care of the aesthetics – is a simple way to see it. Plating is not difficult. It’s planning the trip. When you start the trip, you start the plating.”

Virgilio Martinez
Chef/Owner of Central


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