Recipe: Salmon, Radish, Cucumbers, and Garlic Buttermilk

TAOP Staff

This week, our #PlateOfTheWeek is this compelling salmon dish with house made garlic buttermilk, pickled radish for acidity, cucumber for freshness, and charred onion powder by Chef Daniel Watkins of The Anchor restaurant from Hullbridge, Essex. Check out the recipe now.

Watkins explains to us his inspiration was to give life and complexity to salmon – an ingredient that can sometimes be rather lackluster. Now, with 20 years of experience in the culinary world, Watkins proclaims he is constantly learning and evolving his skills. “I would say I’m more self taught now. I like to keep me pushing myself with new techniques and methods,” he says. “I’m currently reading Sat Bains and Dabbous, which has some great recipes and techniques. Very inspiring books.”

1 side Salmon
500g Rock salt
500g Sugar
1 tsp Juniper berries
1 tsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp Fennel seed
1 Lemon zest

Skin the salmon, pin bone and remove any blood lines, and trim the belly (save for another use).
Smash the juniper, fennel and coriander seeds.
Mix the dry ingredients together and cover the salmon with the mix for 12 hours (turn over every 3 hours).
When it’s ready rinse under cold water, pat dry, and finely slice.

Warm buttermilk
500ml Buttermilk
1g Xanthum Gum
100g Butter
6g Maldon Sea Salt
6g Garlic
30ml of Lemon Juice

Mix all of the ingredients together.

Juice of 1 cucumber
Salt to season
1 cucumber (peeled, use trim, and juice)

Compress cucumbers, leave for 1 hour then dice.
Mix all of the ingredients together.
Warm slowly in a pan and when it starts to thicken, use a hand blender to emulsify.

Green Radish
Black radish

Finely slice the radishes, season, add pickling liquor, and compress for 30 mins.

To Finish
Garlic oil
Chive flowers
Charred onion powder

Arrange on the plate the slices of salmon lightly brushing with rapeseed oil.
Arrange the radishes & cucumber as you like in a natural way.
Spoon on the warm buttermilk.
Finish with flowers & garlic oil.

Check out chef Daniel Watkin’s Instagram