Social Media Network for Food Enthusiasts: Hoorray!

TAOP Staff

If there’s anything we love at #TheArtOfPlating it’s connecting with food lovers around the world. So, we got the chance to check out Hoorray!, a recipe centric “social network for food enthusiast.” Check out what we thought + don’t miss out on a chance to win a $100 Williams-Sonoma gift card.

Aside from the wonderful social media aspect of this addicting little app, the core of Hoorray! lets you create, share, find, and save recipes as well as conveniently generating your grocery list within seconds.


The Art of Plating on Hoorray!


Waku Ghin’s Roasted Scampi Recipe on Hoorray!

What we loved
The flexibility to organize your recipes into different collections/categories.
Ability to quickly find unique recipes at your fingertips.
Not having to waste time on writing or typing out your grocery list.
Interacting with other food enthusiast via their recipes.



Recipe Ingredients


Recipe Instructions

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Hoorray! [iTunes store]

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