The Most Beautiful Recipes From Chefs Around the World

TAOP Staff

Some old and some new, here’s a brief roundup of some of our favorite recipes at The Art Of Plating from renowned chefs and restaurants all around the world.


Mugaritz/José Luis López de Zubiría

From Bitter to Sweet:
Tonka Bean, Pollen, Toffee

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Mugaritz is one of the most adventurous restaurants in the world, which requires its guests to be prepared and have an open mind in order to indulge in an unforgettable and playful 20-course experience. The team is headed by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz – widely considered the protégé of culinary pioneer Ferran Adriá. Here, he shares with us his recipe for “From Bitter to Sweet” – a dish comprised of tonka bean, pollen, and toffee.


Restaurant ANDRE

Vanilla Oil, Lemongrass, Bitter Almond Curd

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Culinary genius André Chiang reaches new levels of exploration and experimentation at his Singapore establishment, Restaurant ANDRE. Tying together his lifelong journey, chef Chiang beautifully serves a cuisine that is “sophisticated and filled with emotion – elegant and simple.” Here we have his Vanilla Oil, Lemongrass, Bitter Almond Curd recipe from his new cookbook, Octaphilosophy.


Le Bernardin


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One of the most well-known names in the industry, Le Bernardin has held on to four stars from The New York Times, has 3 Michelin stars, and stands at No.24 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants today. Heading the kitchen for over 20 years now, chef Eric Ripert has pursued and achieved consitency. Here we have chef Ripert’s recipe for Caviar-Wagyu.


Paulo Barata

Dip in the Sea:
Sea Bass, Seaweed, Mollusks

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Since reopening in just 2012 under chef José Avillez, Belcanto is the first restaurant to win 2 Michelin stars in Lisbon, Portugal. Staying true to and revisiting the roots of Portuguese cuisine, chef Avillez shares with us one of the most emblematic dishes of his career – “Dip in the Sea” with sea bass, seaweed, and bivalves (mollusks).


Le Restaurant

Brittany Crab & Yuzu

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Tucked away inside of L’Hôtel in the heart of the Left Bank of Paris sits Michelin starred Le Restaurant, headed by chef Julien Montbabut. Brought to you by the chef himself, here we have the recipe for his Brittany Crab & Yuzu dish – the most popular dish on the menu.



Oriental Melon Soup H2CO3

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Bringing together Japanese and French cooking styles using Korean ingredients, chef Tae-Hwan Ryu of Ryunique offers a very unique hybrid of cuisine. His inspiration stems from the eight years he spent traveling and working in Michelin star restaurants around the world, including Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, and the UK. Today, we bring you a dish inspired by his experience in Spain: Oriental Melon Soup H2CO3.



Fish Charcoal

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No introduction is necessary for chef Gaggan Anand. Since its debut in 2010, his restaurant Gaggan has quickly climbed up in ratings on an international scale. With roots stemming from the kitchens of elBulli, he offers Indian cuisine unlike any you’ve ever tried or even imagined before, in Bangkok, Thailand. Step inside the mind of Gaggan just for a moment with his recipe for Fish Charcoal.


Neil Burger

Breast of Young Hen

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, we were fortunate enough to receive a recipe from Chef Thomas Lents of Sixteen, in Chicago, that encompasses the warmth, richness, and brilliant flavours of the Autumn season.


FOUR Magazine

Peruvian Chocolate

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The world is always finding excuses to eat chocolate. But when it comes to a dessert like this, we don’t think any excuse is necessary. Nonetheless, in honor of this beloved holiday celebrating all the goodness of chocolate, here’s the recipe for triple Michelin-starred chef Eric Frechon’s Peruvian chocolate dessert.


Waku Ghin


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From our list of top restaurants to visit in Singapore, we bring you chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s recipe for his most popular dish – his tea-seasoned scampi – at Waku Ghin that best illustrates his culinary philosophy: pure, clean, yet refined.


Richard Haughton

Garden of Vegetables

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Perched in Paris, France, chef Kei Kobayashi’s Restaurant Kei offers a unique twist of elements from both Japanese culture and French heritage, creating a beautiful harmony both on the plate and for the palate. After working and learning beside many of the great French chefs – Alain Ducasse, Gilles Goujon…just to name a couple – over the years, chef Kei now holds a Michelin star to his own name, and is creating beautiful works of art for his patrons. Here, we have the recipe for the chef’s signature dish – “Garden of Vegetables.”


Scott Wright/Limelight Studio

Tomato Mozza and Again

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Chef Paul Pairet’s restaurant Ultraviolet offers an experience that is almost impossible to illustrate. Serving a set menu to only 10 patrons at a time around a single table, the restaurant is designed to enhance any specific dish on the menu through its atmosphere – tailored through the technology of sound, scent, light, and 360° projections. Here we have chef Paul’s recipe for “Tomato Mozza and Again” – composed of two identical looking dishes made up of entirely different flavors.


Sergio Coimbra

Banana, Lemon, Priprioca Ravioli

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Born during a time when there was little to no clear definition of Brazil’s flavors, restaurant D.O.M. took on the mission of reinventing the exotic flavors of Brazilian cuisine. Dedicated to using the land’s incredibly rich and diverse natural resources, former DJ and now head chef Alex Atala frequently visits the Amazon in search of new and unlikely ingredients to add to his cuisine. Read on to find out how chef Atala incorporates a root originally used in cosmetics into his ravioli recipe.



Conchas y Lechuga: Mussels and Lettuce

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No. 4 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and considered the best restaurant in Latin America, restaurant Central of Lima, Peru, is probably the most avant-garde approach to Peruvian cuisine that the world has seen to date. Chef Virgilio Martinez and head chef Pia León take their diners all across Peru’s landscape, presenting ingredients from every corner of the country – the mountains, sea, desert, and jungle. Here, we have chef Virgilio’s recipe for Conchas y Lechuga, or “Mussels and Lettuce” – a meeting of the ocean and the land.


Francesco Tonelli

Maine Ruby Shrimp and Sea Urchin

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Little introduction is necessary for chef and brilliant restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his eponymous restaurant. Located near Central Park, in NYC, restaurant Jean-Georges is just one of over 15 restaurants under his name and is widely considered the star of his culinary empire. Here, we have a recipe for Maine Ruby Shrimp and Sea Urchin by the master chef.



Amazonic Beans

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At the young age of 28, Mitsuharu Tsumura opened Maido, a Nikkei inspired restaurant (Japanese-Peruvian) with the help of his father. The passionate Mitsuharu traveled the world showcasing his talent, and he describes cuisine as one of his very first memories and something that has always been a part of his life. 


Eric Wolfinger/Phaidon

Lobster Coral Xiao Long Bao

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Chef Corey Lee, the visionary owner and chef behind the three Michelin starred Benu, is now author to the highly anticipated cookbook of the restaurant’s very same name thanks to a beautiful collaboration with publisher Phaidon. Here we have an exclusive excerpt from the book, “Benu” by Corey Lee, along with the step by step how-to for chef Corey’s Lobster Coral Xiao Long Bao.


Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Potato Nicola

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Shedding some light on his creative process, chef Peter Goossens of award-winning and highly esteemed restaurant, Hof van Cleve, shares one of his delightful vegetable and herb menu items – the “Potato Nicola.”