The Rising Star of South Africa

Amanda Hall

Headed by chef Luke Dale-Roberts, The Test Kitchen (TTK) is the rising star of South Africa. Landing a highly-coveted spot amongst the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for its second year in a row since opening in 2010, it is without a doubt that what’s served here is uniquely its own. Though chef Luke is no new name to the game, The Test Kitchen is the embodiment of his creative freedom and talent – and we are hooked. 

We adore the The Test Kitchen for celebrating dishes that are visually stimulating. Stationed in Cape Town, chef Luke’s innovative cuisine uniquely incorporates both South African and Asian flavors to re-create otherwise ordinary dishes. Utilizing ingredients like springbok, venison jus, and num num, chef Luke transforms these dishes into beautiful masterpieces.

Already implied in its name, The Test Kitchen is an experimental culture of maximum opportunity. Chef Luke Dale-Roberts describes the The Test Kitchen as constantly moving forward. He values progress, and he values quality. “Our food is free to roam in whichever direction,” Dale-Roberts says, “I want guests to be surprised and delighted – to wonder what ingredients we have used and how we made it” (The Test Kitchen).

The Test Kitchen

Pan fried Kingklip, black forest ham and fish jus, potato and snoek medley, roasted potato skin puree, burnt red onion foam by chef Luke Dale-Roberts.

The Test Kitchen

Chilled blini creme, barbequed langoustine ‘en gelée’ langoustine tataki, liquorice powder by chef Luke Dale-Roberts. © The Test Kitchen

Chef Luke has proved his world-class standing as he continues to impress food connoisseurs worldwide. It comes as no surprise that this trendy spot is now considered one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants — coming in at number 28. Our question is, will this charming South African cuisine steal a new spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants next year?

The Test Kitchen

Baby roma tomatoes and gooseberries in basil & black pepper syrup, strachiatella, yoghurt snowballs, olive tuiles, basil granite by chef Luke Dale-Roberts. © The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen

Seared springbok, fermented red cabbage, turnip milk, pine nut dressing by chef Luke Dale-Roberts. © The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen

Interior of The Test Kitchen. © The Test Kitchen

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