Fatmata Binta: Food For The Adventurous Diner

TAOP Staff

What is West African food? You probably didn’t think of traditional Fulani cooking or Fonio, millet, and dawadawa which are a few of the grains, seeds, and locust beans that make up the traditional Fulani diet. Our next guest, helping us kick off Season 3 of On The Pass is chef Fatmata Binta, the mastermind behind the international nomadic restaurant Dine on a Mat, a 5-course Nomadic Dining Experience and  Founder of the Fulani Kitchen Foundation.

Fatmata, who comes from the African nomadic Fulani tribe, has dedicated her career to educate the world on the Fulani way of life and its culture.

In this episode we explore the diaspora of West African cuisine and how chef Binta incorporates ancient recipes that have been passed down through generations.

We also hear stories about Dine on a Mat’s guests. Her food she says is “for the adventurous diner,” while explaining delicacies such as cows tongue or goats testicles never go to waste with the Fulani people.

This episode sheds light on the beautiful Fulani culture and the ways we can learn from their sustainable lifestyle.


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