Hot Spot: Jeremy Chan + Iré Hassan-Odukale of Ikoyi

TAOP Staff

Breaking barriers and expectations while staying authentic to one’s vision despite the world’s exterior pressures is a way of life for our next guests. On this episode of the “Hot Spot” series, Gabriel Ornelas chats with chef Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale, the creative and business minds behind Ikoyi, a London based restaurant in St James Market. Within a year of jumping onto the scene Ikoyi was awarded a 1 Michelin star along with other numerous accolades. 

Jeremy who is Chinese-Canadian and Ire who is Nigerian, marry inspiration from West Africa and other parts of the world with quality seasonal British produce. Today, Ikoyi has become their creative haven to explore unique flavors, ideas and serve up delicious mind bending food.

Jeremy and Iré discuss how their friendship and partnership has evolved over the years and how they support each other by leaning into each others respective strengths. We talk about their evolving menu, where they began and where they are today, and what guests can look forward to as Ikoyi begins to open back up post pandemic.

Jeremy Chan and Ire Hassan Odukale

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