The Art of Plating is an international media and events company devoted to the exhibition of gastronomy as a form of high art – utilizing form, texture and color to tell a story and evoke emotions. Feeding the food-obsessed around the world through visually provocative and captivating content, we provide some of today’s most acclaimed culinary innovators the platform to share their vision, passion, artistry, and life stories. Thought-provoking, creative, and always inspirational, The Art of Plating is an authority in plating and modern haute cuisine that reaches over 3.5 million impressions a week across all channels.

Inspiring creativity within our global community has long been — and continues to be — a catalyst for everything we do. Whether it is capturing content, creating products, charting trends, hosting experiential events, or teaching people how to plate, we believe in pushing the conversation forward in culinary arts. Today, we have made it a part of our unwavering mission to support, lift, and empower the next generation of industry talents.


Using her intuitive eye for design, discerning palate, and passion for storytelling at the helm, Maria Nguyen founded The Art of Plating with the launch of #theartofplating.

TAOP launches digital magazine theartofplating.com as a premium destination for plating and food culture.

TAOP’s various short films are showcased across multiple film festivals and picked up on television, nominated for Best Designed Blog by Saveur, and mentioned as an Instagram Favorite by Food and Wine.

TAOP wins Best Instagram by the Pixel Awards and is nominated for Best Social Media in Art by Shorty Awards.

TAOP launches its first collaboration product and expands into experiential events in collaboration with various chefs around the world.  

TAOP launches Rising Talent, a platform to support diverse young talents in the hospitality industry.  

TAOP launches On The Pass podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon that charts the Top 100 Food Podcast list within 6 months.