A Local’s Tour: Singapore with Chef André Chiang

Alexandra Paretta

When it comes to traveling, we want the full, authentic experience – like a local. So who better to ask where and how to explore the streets of Singapore than restaurant ANDRE’s chef André Chiang? His love for Singapore is beyond measure, so we are thrilled to share his tips on places to eat, shop, and where to get the most exquisite cocktail in Singapore.

Chef André Chiang heads the kitchen at his restaurant ANDRE – currently #1 in Singapore. Aside from the well-deserved fame and accolades, chef Chiang is a long-time Singapore resident, who truly appreciates aesthetics in both his career and his personal life. From the creative chef who brought us his Octaphilosophy™ (What’s that? Learn about chef Chiang’s Octaphilosphy here!) – here’s chef Chiang’s personal recommendations on what to do and where to go in his beloved city-state, Singapore.

1. Time to put some pep in your step!

4 Everton Park #1-40, Singapore 080004

ANDRé: Probably the best microroaster in town and very hidden and low key. They only focus on coffee – no cupcakes and brownies.

Tip: The place is hard to find so make sure to do more research or plan extra time to stumble upon it in Everton Park.

2. Art appreciation & exploration

1 Saint Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957

ANDRé: It is the latest spot – it used to be the Supreme Court. Now, it is totally renovated, keeping the structure of the Supreme Court and it will only be launched in November this year.

Tip: Try to go early in the morning to avoid huge crowds.

3. Lunch

Chinatown Complex, 335 Smith Street, Singapore 050335

ANDRé: Chinatown Wet Market has the most variety of produce, in terms of freshness, it is probably one of the best. On top of that, there are shops along the side of the market, where they still sell the traditional Chinese pastries – it’s a very nostalgic stretch.

Tips for Visitors: Go with covered shoes instead of slippers, wear long trousers so that you can visit the nearby temples.

4. Shopping


ANDRé: Not only is there the old Chinatown area where you have a vibrant Asian culture, but it also has some of the hippest areas where you can get the select shops, bookstores. It is one place where you can get the max of many worlds, many cultures. It is really concentrated with culture both old and new.

5. Afternoon stroll

SENTOSA COVE (residential area)

ANDRé: Every home is different, a lot of money went into these very unique spaces. It’s almost like a competition or exhibition, where all the architects bring their masterpieces. Some are really crazy.

Tips for visitors: Just walk along the houses slowly, see all the beautiful home designs and enjoy the bay of Sentosa. Late afternoon is best, when it’s not too hot.

6. Night on the town

2 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089816

ANDRé: They have the highest quality of cocktail and it’s a relaxing speakeasy so if you are looking for a quiet, elegant place with a good cocktail without loud music – that’s the place to be.

Tips for Visitors: They have a minimum spend of $60, so be prepared for that and go in smart casual dresscode.


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