Maaemo – Chapter I

Emily Elyse Miller

The process of finding ingredients to the final plate can seem like magic. Maaemo restaurant in Olso, Norway is the stage and chef Ebsen Holmboe Bang is the magician – transforming ingredients from the earth into the dazzling plates you see before you. It’s a rare thing when a creative’s process is reveled and this video shot by Tuukka Koski shows just a sliver of the transformation.

Director: Tuukka Koski
Music: Voice of Shadows by Satyricon
Music written by: Sigurd Wongraven
Maaemo remix by: Erik Ljunggren and Sigurd Wongraven
DOP: Kim Koponen
Camera assistant: Max Smeds
Editing: Mikko Savinainen
Colour Grading: Petri Falkenberg