Essential Plating Tips #102

TAOP Staff

Here is another round-up of five essential plating tips from acclaimed chefs like Sven Elverfeld of 3 Michelin starred restaurant Aqua in Germany, and Paul Pairet of 3 Michelin starred Ultraviolet in Shanghai.


Sven Elverfeld

Aqua >

“The plating of a dish is definitely not the first thought you should have. First, it’s important to think about the flavor combination of products, the textures, and the cooking technique. If you have done this, it’s much easier to plate the dishes. Behind every dish of mine is a story which also affects the plating.”


Tae Hwan Ryu

Ryunique >

“Balance and harmony. Although shape color, and texture are all wonderful individually – they have no meaning together unless they are presented in harmony. It is through harmonized plating that my customers are able to truly enjoy the Ryunique dining experience.”


Paul Pairet

Ultraviolet >

“A dish is ready when there is nothing left to add or take away. A dish could be; interesting, new, daring – perhaps shocking – beautiful, maybe comforting, even funny – but always good.”


Iliana Regan

Elizabeth >

“Nearly everything and anything can inspire me. I’m most in my element and my creative channel is most clear when I’m in the middle of a deciduous forest. I gravitate towards neutral colors with pops of brightness that are much like the forest floor. I love green. I focus primarily on what is the most in season ingredients and let that guide me. Occasionally if I find a beautiful skull, bone, piece of wood or stone, I will use that as the plate and allow all the inspiration to come for that piece.”


Kei Kobayashi

Restaurant Kei >

“My plates must look like a piece of art. And the real secret for that is work, self-exigency, and exactness.”