Fried Egg and Mashed Potato by Diego Muñoz

TAOP Staff

From a recent collaboration dinner with chef Matt Lambert at The Musket Room, NYC – here is Diego Muñoz’s recipe for Fried Egg and Mashed Potato.

Cured Soft Cooked Egg

1 egg (50 g each approx)
120 g water
250 g white wine vinegar
6.6 g salt
Cook the eggs from room temperature at 62ºC (143.6ºF).
Mix the water, salt and vinegar and crush with the turmix.
Once the egg is cooked, place in the acid/salt solution for 5 minutes.


75 g sweet potato flour
75 g plain flour
4 g salt
200 g lager beer
30 g eggs
1.2 g fresh yeast
Mix all ingredients and pass through a colander.
Put the mix on a ½ L sifon, charge it with one.
Carem bullet and let it rest at least 1 hour.

Fried Egg

1 cured egg
Plain flour
Tempura batter
Vegetable oil
Truffle salt
Freshly crushed black pepper
Freeze dried tomato powder
Dry cèpes
Freeze dried parsley
Pass the egg through the plain flour, taking the excess off of it.
In a small ladle, put some of the tempura batter and sit the egg on it and cover the rest of the egg with the batter.
Throw the tempura-covered egg in hot oil at 180ºC ( ), turning it with a spoon so it cooks evenly.
Take egg out of the oil onto paper towel and season it with truffle salt and black pepper.
Cover it with the tomato, mushroom, and parsley powder in 3 different parts so as not to mix.

Potato Cream

250 g yellow flesh potato (like Dutch Cream Potatoes)
125 g unsalted butter
62.5 g milk
15 g cream
Peel the potatoes and wash them well to take out all the dust
Put them in a sous vide bag and seal 100%. Cook at 90ºC for 1.5 hours.
Take the potatoes out of the bag and pass them through a mouli (grater).
Add the cold butter in cubes and crush them and pass them through a tamis (sieve).
Warm up the milk and cream and add to the potato purée, whisking with a flat spoon until all is well integrated and seasoned. Keep warm.

Chicken Wing and Porcini Stock

3 kg chicken wings
30 g dry porcini
100 g sundried tomato
60 g garlic
200 g button mushrooms sliced
200 g shallots sliced
25 g sherry vinegar
50 g Manzanilla sherry
300 ml vegetable oil
3 L water
2 tarragon sprigs
1 thyme sprig
5 g whole black pepper
Cut the chicken wings in 2 cm segments, discarding the tips of the wings.
Warm up 200ml of vegetable oil and roast the wings until nice and brown, turning them constantly.
Wash the sundried tomatoes and dry porcini in warm water and chop roughly.
When all the wings are seared, take out the excess of fat and add the 100 ml of fresh oil.
Sweat the sliced mushrooms and shallots, then the garlic until nice and soft.
Add the wings, tomato and porcini.
Deglaze with the sherry vinegar and reduce, add the sherry and do the same.
Add the water and thyme and bring up to a boil.
Reduce the heat and cook slowly for 2 hours.
After the first hour, start to scum the fat and impurities that come up in the stock.
Add the fresh tarragon and let it infuse for 30 minutes.
Pas through a fine sieve.


10 g micro chopped shallots
Blanch the shallots from cold water, then strain and cool down.

Wild Spinach and Mushrooms

5 wild spinach leaves (or any nice small English spinach)
20 g beurre noisette (brown butter)
With a mandolin, slice very fine the mushrooms just before serving.
Wash the baby spinach well and dry.
Season all with beurre noisette, salt and pepper.


To Serve

5 chervil sprigs

In a concave hot plate, place a spoon of potato cream and cover it with chicken jus. Sit the seasoned egg on top. Dress it with chervil, spinach leaves, truffle, and mushroom.

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Signe Birck

Fried egg with mashed potato and black truffle by Diego Muñoz at The Musket Room, NYC. © Signe Birck