Pigs Blood & Berries by Matt Lambert

TAOP Staff

Just a few months ago, chefs Paulo Airaudo of La Bottega and Matt Lambert of The Musket Room came together in Geneva for a remarkable collaboration dinner. Here is one of Matt Lambert’s dishes from the menu – a dessert of pigs blood and berries.

Pigs Blood

200 g sugar
600 g cream
200 g milk
200 g pigs blood
1 g cinnamon
5 ea gelatin
Combine sugar, cream, milk, blood, and cinnamon.
Blend and bag.
Boil for 35 minutes.
While boiling hydrate gelatin
Line ring molds with plastic wrap, acetate around the sides and pam all surfaces.
Once boiled, blend and add gelatin.
Pour over lined ring molds.
Allow to set in walk in cooler.

Pickled Rhubarb

1 cs rhubarb
1100 g white wine vinegar
1100 g white sugar
200 g basil
Bring vinegar and 100 g basil to a boil to dissolve sugar.
Remove from heat, and after 20 minute add remaining 100 g basil.
Put in cooler overnight.
Weight volume multiple 0.001 x total volume vita prep for 12 minutes.
Stand and allow for air to come out.
Slice rhubarb on mandolin and pour shrub over.

Rhubarb Foam

500 g Pickled Rhubarb liquid
5 g Versawhip
2.5 g xanthum
Combine all ingredients and blend until xanthum and Versawhip are hydrated.

Herb Powder

100 g parsley powder
100 g basil powder
150 g 10X sugar
Dehydrate herbs as quickly as possible in dehydrator.
Blitz in Vitamix once fully dehydrated.
Add sugar and herb powders and blitz until fully mixed.
Dust to order on strawberries.

Raspberry Gel

500 g raspberry purée
100 g sugar
5 g agar agar
Combine all ingredients.
Allow mixture to boil for 2 solid minutes to fully hydrate agar.
Pour in 3rd pan and set over ice.
Once set, blend until smooth.
Cryo vac out all air bubbles.
Store in piping bag.

Nitro Smashed Blackberries

1 pt black berries
Fill container with liquid nitrogen and pour berries in.
Allow to freeze.
Using a mallet, smash berries in nitrogen until the black berry is in individual pellets.

CO2 Blueberries

1 cup blueberries
Half blueberries and fill iSi container.
Charge blueberries with 2 charges.


To Serve

3 pc strawberry compressed and dusted with herb powder
3 pc raspberry filled with gel
1 ea spoon blackberry nitro
8 ea blueberries
Dots of basil foam
3 pc opal basil
3 pc german basil
3 pc basil



Alex Stephen Teuscher

Pigs blood, rhubarb, and berries by chef Matt Lambert of The Musket Room, NYC. © Alex Stephen Teuscher