Recap: What Plating Techniques Need to be Retired?

Seyine Park

In case you missed it, we recently posed a question to our followers on Instagram: What plating techniques need to be retired? Much to our delight and interest, we heard from people all over coming from various backgrounds, with answers that were all around hilarious, thoughtful, educated, and strongly opinionated.

In the words of @chefmikehan:

TAOP Staff

Interestingly enough, posing this question to the public and following the spurred discussion encouraged our team to revisit our own thoughts on the matter. Like many people expressed, we too believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and creativity. We were happy to spark discourse and provide a platform for unrestricted and unfiltered participation.

Now for a quick recap of the conversation

Many complained about quenelles (but what else would you do?).

IG Recap_Quenelles

Others begged to put a stop to the “swoosh” – otherwise known as the spoon pull:

TAOP Staff

While others are quite done with parsley:

TAOP Staff

And there were those who don’t like to see anything go to waste! (We agree.)

TAOP Staff

Some added a dash of humor – which we thoroughly enjoyed:

TAOP Staff

And others contributed some very insightful thoughts and opinions on the matter in general:

TAOP Staff

Stay tuned for our next discussion!