Recipe: Peach Bavarian, Mango Mint Gelato, and Black Tea Consommé

TAOP Staff

This week, our #PlateOfTheWeek is Peach Bavarian, Mango Mint Gelato, and Black Tea Consommé by chef Riccardo Menicucci of restaurant Acquerello from San Francisco, CA. Why not try making this cool summer dessert this weekend? Check out the recipe now.

When asked about the inspiration behind this dessert, chef Riccardo says, “I was looking for something really light and refreshing for the summer season. I think peaches, mango and cold tea are perfect. The mint helps make this dessert very refreshing and it also helps cut the sweetness of the mango – sometimes mango can be too sweet.”

Peach Bavarese
700g Peach Purée
55g Sugar
400g Whipped Cream
18g Gelatin

Heat up the peach purée and sugar in a sauce pan.
Melt the gelatin in.
Cool down the mix.
When the mix is at 77ºF add the whipped cream.
Place the baverese in molds lined with acetate and then freeze.

Compressed Peaches
5 Peaches
1 Lemon
500g Water
200g Sugar

Make a syrup with the lemon zest, water, and sugar.
Let the syrup cool down.
Compress the 5 peaches with the syrup.

Mango Mint Gelato
1000g Whole milk
150g Cream
200g Sugar
10g Stabilizer
10 Mint Leaves
200g Puréed Mango

In a sauce bring the milk, cream, mango purée and the mint leaves to a simmer
Move from the heat and let the mix infuse for 30 minutes.
In a bowl mix the dry components, add the mix to the liquid mix and brine the ice cream base to 179º F.
Cool down and pass the base through a cheese cloth.
Spin in the ice cream machine.

Black Tea Consommé
700g Water
10-15g Black Tea
140g Sugar
5 Mint Leaves
1 Star Anise
1 Lemon Zested

Bring the water to boil and add all the components.
Move from the heat, cover it and let it infuse for 2 hours.
Pass the tea through a cheese cloth.
Serve cold.