Will Cubes Be The Next Plating Trend?

Seyine Park

We just can’t stop looking at this. Commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and manifested by artist duo Lernet & Sander, “Cubes” is an amazingly therapeutic photography series to get lost in. Our question is, will cubes be the next plating trend?

Lernet & Sander meticulously transformed individual raw foods into perfect cubes of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm each. Can you name each one? We spy with our little eyes…a pomegranate, a kiwi, a grapefruit, a yellow beet, and corn. Now, it’s your turn!


Cubes by Lenert and Sanders.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s some Tetris® action we’ve seen roaming around on Instagram.

Macolm Campbell

Isometric tuna and trout. © Malcolm Campbell.


Tuna, bonito, and soy mirin by chef Matt Lambert of The Musket Room.

Yannick Alleno

Chocolate domino dessert and meringue by chef Yannick Alleno.