10 Chefs to Follow on Instagram

Seyine Park

Who are our Instagram crushes? Here’s our first selection of 10 chefs you should be following on Instagram right now who inspire #TheArtOfPlating and more.

Wuttisak Wuttiamporn


Wuttisak Wuttiamporn

@chef_wuttisak >

Plating with breathtaking attention to detail.

Red dragon fruit, tangerine, and herb by Wuttisak Wuttiamporn.


René Redzepi

@reneredzepinoma >

Keep up with the Noma team’s adventures in Mexico.

Octopus with pumpkin seed sauce by René Redzepi.

René Redzepi
Daniel Watkins


Daniel Watkins

@chefdanielwatkins >

Unique ways to plate your proteins.

Beef, onion, watercress, and smoked ketchup by Daniel Watkins.


Virgilio Martinez

@virgiliocentral >

Follow Virgilio’s exotic cuisine exploring the Peruvian landscape.

Dry hearts and ollucos (root vegetable) with ash and black mashwa salt.

Virgilio Martinez
Francesco Tonelli


Daniel Humm

@danielhumm >

Chef of now the No.1 World’s Best Restaurant.

Potato and black truffle by Daniel Humm.


Bryce Shuman

@bryceshuman >

For plating perfection with stunning photography.

Coleslaw of fresh and fermented vegetables by Bryce Shuman.

Signe Birck
Martin Benn


Martin Benn

@martinbennsepia >

For elemental plating.

White nectarine rose with soft nougat, caramelized puff pastry, vanilla cream, and macadamia by Martin Benn.


Garreth Wilson

@theprivatepass >

“Never stop playing at work.” – Garreth Wilson

Hapuka fish, cucumber, potato, samphire, yoghurt why and honey dressing, and cucumber oil by Garreth Wilson.

Garreth Wilson
Cedric Grolet


Cedric Grolet

@cedricgrolet >

Pastries you won’t believe are real.

Lemon “Rubik’s Cube” by Cedric Grolet.


Matt Lambert

@musketmatt >

For New Zealand cuisine.

Smoked foi and fall apples by Matt Lambert.

Matt Lambert