5 Chefs Who Master The Art Of Plating in Tokyo

TAOP Staff

Tokyo, Japan is topped to the brim with excellent dining destinations. Here are just a few of the very many chefs who are mastering #TheArtOfPlating.


Zaiyu Hasegawa, Jimbocho Den

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Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s intent is simple – to make his diners smile. At Jimbocho Den, chef Zaiyu serves his style of a modern kaiseki, a type of traditional Japanese cuisine in which a series of small intricate dishes are prepared.



Yoshihiro Narisawa, Narisawa

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Chef and owner of his eponymous restaurant Narisawa, Yoshihiro Narisawa focuses his cuisine around “Sustainability and Gastronomy,” dedicated to preserving the natural environment.



Shuzo Kishida, Quintessence

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Three Michelin starred restaurant Quintessence is headed by chef Shuzo Kishida, who centers his cuisine around three core values he called his three processes: respecting the produce, understanding the cooking process, and attention to detail.



Yoshiaki Takazawa, Takazawa

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With a dining room that only seats a total of 10 guests, Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa serves playful dishes that encompass both Japanese and French culinary methods and ideas.

Ratatouille by Yoshiaki Takazawa of Takawaza. Photo courtesy of Yuji Honda.



Shinobu Namae, L’effervescence

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Chef and owner of L’effervescence in Tokyo, Japan, Shinobu Namae focuses his cuisine on modern gastronomy utilizing European techniques with local Japanese ingredients.

Photo courtesy of Luuvu Hoang.