Chef's Cut

Albert Adrià on Food Synergies

Seyine Park

Introducing the next episode in our Chef’s Cut series, we dive into the creative mind and plating of Albert Adrià while exploring his philosophy of conceptualizing a dish – “that magical instant when you have the idea, transmit it, and the dish is born.” And as they say in Barcelona, bon profit!

As we ventured overseas to beautiful Barcelona – one of today’s top culinary destinations – of course, we visited none other than culinary mastermind and world-renowned chef, Albert Adrià. With roots stemming from the kitchens of elBulli and a culinary amusement park set in the heart of the city, Albert is at the forefront of the culinary movement.

One of five restaurants that make up the park is the mysterious and critically acclaimed Tickets Bar, a tapas restaurant. Little is known about what kind of wizardry goes on behind these doors, but with reservations constantly out the door, Albert is clearly adding a whole new element to tapas-style dining unlike anywhere else.


Featured Dishes

Nordic Landscape
Malta bread base with marinated beef sirloin, garnished with pickled red onion and shallots, smoked sour cream, dill, and fresh chive. In the center, Raifort yogurt and baby carrots soaked in anise and beetroot juice. Covered in vinegar snow.

Thai Razor Clam
Vacuum-cooked razor clam dressed in Thai sauce and garnished with Shimeji mushroom, ito togarashi, peanut, coriander, olive oil caviar, chili and sesame oil caviar. Finished off with a hint of lime zest.

Ensalada de Albahaca
Fresh stracciatella, mandarin gel, green pistachio, pistachio oil, wild strawberries, and raff tomatoes dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil water air.

Chicken Canapé
Chicken a l’ast canapé made with chicken skin at the base and a layer of chicken cooked at low temperature on top, enriched with escabeche sauce. Served with a chicken consommé aromatized with a tea bag of coriander, Szechuan pepper, lemon, and ginger.

Coconut Sphere
Sphere made of coconut, passion fruit, lemon grass and Keffir lime leaves, topped with curry powder and dried Keffir lime leaves.