Chef's Cut

An Ode to Odette w/ Julien Royer

TAOP Staff

Born into a family of 4th generation French farmers, Julien Royer is the 2 Michelin starred chef at Asia’s #1 Best Restaurant Odette in Singapore. Odette is named after Julien’s grandmother who helped shape him into the chef he is today and showed him how the most remarkable dishes can come from the simplest ingredients. This is an ode to Odette.

Dishes in video:
Normandy Brown Crab w/ nashi pear, avocado, and wasabi oil

Heirloom Beet Collection w/ beets in different forms: meringue, foam, powder, and sorbet.

Honey w/ toasted buckwheat cream, pecan nuts, Valrhona Guanaja & Jivara chocolate, and honey sourced from Singapore’s only local bee conservatory.


Special thank you Visit Singapore for helping us make this happen.