Gero Fasano: Taking A Family Business Global

TAOP Staff

It all started in 1902 when Vittorio Fasano, an Italian from Milan arrived in São Paulo, Brazil with a dream to open a restaurant. Since then, the Fasano family — the biggest name in Brazilian hospitality for over a century — has built a legendary portfolio that expands over 26 restaurants and 9 hotels across South America and more recently North America.

This episode’s conversation takes place in person at Fasano Restaurant in New York, the newest addition to the group’s roster, with Gero Fasano, the great grandson of Vittorio and the present-day face behind Fasano Group.

Having created culturally relevant scenes that epitomize classic, cool, and timeless since buying the family business back at 19 years old, Gero recalls the impact Fasano had in permeating elevated hospitality throughout South America. He also shares what’s next for the brand as it plans to bring its distinct personal approach of luxury to major cities around the world.


Gero Fasano

Carpaccio at Fasano

Carpaccio at Fasano

Fasano Caffè – Fasano Fifth Avenue

Apartment at Fasano Fifth Avenue

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