Anthony Myint: Solution Is In The Soil

TAOP Staff

Can healthy soil save our planet? The short answer is Yes. The long answer is we radically have to rethink how we cultivate and giveback to our farm lands. Our next guest, Anthony Myint, Co-Founder of Mission Chinese Food SF and Zero Foodprint (ZFP), a nonprofit organization building a renewable food system rooted in healthy soil, is taking action to be apart of the daunting solution to a better future.

Soils have become one of the most vulnerable resources in the world from the effects of biodiversity loss due to the heavy use of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. Carbon farming or Regenerative Farming on the other hand restores soil biology, naturally pulling tons of carbon out of the atmosphere to bring soil back to life and replenishing its nutrients.

Taking this into consideration, Anthony, the 2019 winner of Basque Culinary World prize and 2020 James Beard Humanitarian of The Year award winner, created ZFP to engage key players in the food system such as chefs, restaurants, and food companies to be a part of the solution. One of ZFP’s main programs includes adding a few cents per meal on restaurant checks to help farmers implement carbon farming projects through their grant programs. ZFP members are now funding regenerative agriculture projects in CA and CO, and will begin in the Northeastern US later this year, as well as international collaborations in Asia and Europe.

This is an eye opening conversation around where we are today with climate change, getting to the core of the effects from conventional farming, and how the solution to climate change is in healthy soil.

Anthony Myint of Zero Foodprint


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