Elisa Fernandes: Living Her Passion & Purpose

TAOP Staff

Elisa Fernandes, Chef-Owner of Clos Wine Bar and Bistro, talks about her time in France working for chef Alain Ducasse after winning MasterChef Brazil, her passion for supporting women, and creating a more equitable future for women in all sectors. She also drops some local knowledge of her favorite spots and hidden gems to discover in São Paulo.

São Paulo, the home of today’s guest, is an international blend of influences from places such as Japan, Italy, Africa, France, Germany, and Lebanon. You would be remiss if you didn’t try the foods from these cultures or explore the different restaurants while in the city.

At Clos Wine Bar and Bistro, a personal project in collaboration with Elisa and her husband, a natural wine importer. The restaurant fuses their love for natural wines and french bistronomy — serving up dishes that could compete with any Michelin starred restaurant, but done in an approachable and fun everyday atmosphere to be paired with any of the 100 labels of wines they offer.

With a large and continuously growing list, Clos Wine Bar and Bistro has the largest offering of natural wines in the country, while the food takes on flavors and nuances from the city’s international inhabitants.

Elisa Fernandes

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