Hot Spot: Jacob Pechenik of Lettuce Grow 

TAOP Staff

Having kids changes your life and for our next guest it was the catalyst to better understand food and nutrition which – like a true entrepreneur – led Jacob Pechenik to the launch of Lettuce Grow, a home outdoor and indoor hydroponic growing system that allows it’s users to grow their own fresh food.

Before coming onto the show, Jacob expressed his passion and interest in Mezcal, so it was only appropriate to host him at the On The Pass studio for this chat while sipping some artisanal mezcal Gabriel recently brought back from his trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Jacob shares how having kids was his catalyst for healthy eating and how a farm he helped start in Austin, Texas propelled the creation of Lettuce Grow and his journey into creating the beloved Farmstand, a product that lets its users to grow everything from veggies, herbs, leafy greens, and fruits at home without pesticides and with 95 percent less water than traditional gardening.

Jacob Pechenik


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