Hot Spot: Micah McFarlane of Revel Spirits

TAOP Staff

What is Ávila? There’s more to the agave spirits category than just Tequila and Mezcal. On this Episode of the Hot Spot series, Gabriel Ornelas chats with Micah McFarlane, CEO of Revel Spirits, an emerging agave spirits brand making Ávila, a regionally specific product with deep roots to Mexico’s second smallest state Morelos.

With big ambitions to put this new agave subcategory on the map, Revel Spirits combines the techniques of roasting (mezcal) and steaming (tequila) piñas to create an exceptional spirit with subtle smokey notes.

Micah, who came from a lifelong career in the entertainment industry as a tour manager for numerous artists, describes his fateful “meeting of someone in a bar” that led him to a beautiful world of agave, the people of Morelos, and to where Revel Spirits is at today.

Hot Spot is a series on On The Pass dedicated to highlighting emerging brands and people in food, drinks, and hospitality.

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