Lynnette Marrero: Crafting a Life In Mixology

Maria Nguyen

If anyone knows what goes into making a great cocktail, it’s Lynette Marrero, award-winning bartender, mixologist, and philanthropist who is often regarded as a pioneer in the cocktail space.

To help us kick off Season 2 of On The Pass, Lynette joins us to talk about her formative years spending summers in Puerto Rico, to her transition from the musical theatre stage to behind the bar post 9/11.

She shares her process in pairing cocktails with food and her approach to working closely with chefs to develop a best in class cocktail experience. — like the ones she created at Llama San and Llama Inn in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We also dive into Speed Rack, a non-profit competition for female bartenders she co-founded to champion women in the space while raising almost a million dollars for cancer research.

Lynette Marrero


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