Nyesha Arrington: Resilience to Nourish

TAOP Staff

" I think you always kind of have this stove and you know you have quick burning things and slow burning things. For me cooking it is always been a part of my DNA.

One of today’s most charismatic Chefs, Nyesha Arrington, award-winning Chef, TV personality, and travel enthusiast, graces our studio with a reflection of her journey — one that is laced with stories, wisdom, lessons, and her unconventional philosophy on why she’s a Chef.

We talk about where Nyesha stands today as she contemplates her most authentic existence in today’s new reality. Having worked every position in the kitchen to opening and closing several restaurants of her own, Nyesha shows us how resilience has pushed her to continue to evolve as a culinary artist, to focus her intentions, and to dive deeper into being a conduit for Mother Nature.


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