Rising Talent: Jenny Dorsey of Studio ATAO

TAOP Staff

Launching today is our new series Rising Talent on On The Pass in conjunction with The Art of Plating Rising Talent 2021 program. This series highlights some of the emerging individuals on the list who are are all making an impact on our industry.

To kick off our first episode of this series, Gabriel Ornelas chats with Jenny Dorsey, an On The Rise awardee on the 2019 Rising Talent list. Jenny is a Chef, writer, artist, and activist who fuses interdisciplinary storytelling with food as medium to explore topics like income inequality, social issues, and racial injustices.

In this episode, Jenny discusses a recent tool kit she published through Studio Atao, a 501c3 non profit she founded. The tool kit guides entrepreneurs and companies on implementing systemic changes towards equitable representation in food media. You can find info on the tool kit in the show notes below, we highly recommend you check it out.

Jenny Dorsey of Studio ATAO


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